Liverpool-powered global trade to prosper beyond Brexit

Wed, August 21st, 2019

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce provides support for businesses preparing for...

Liverpool Chamber of Commerce provides support for businesses preparing for the uncertainty of Brexit and the future of trading within new international markets

There have been considerable challenges for businesses in the wake of the EU referendum result and, specifically, the relentless uncertainty that has prevailed about the conditions of the UK’s trading relationship with the European Union.

The Chamber has been working with businesses throughout the past two years to enable them to ensure they are as prepared as possible for all eventualities, which may include a ‘no deal’ scenario.

Training programmes for exporters and importers detailing shifts in documentation and customs procedures have been invaluable and received unprecedented attendance. Resources produced by the Chamber and facilitation of briefing sessions by HMRC personnel and government experts have enhanced the ability of our local traders to maintain business continuity throughout the period of uncertainty.

Whilst Brexit has maintained a dominant position within the public conscience, there is also a substantial opportunity for those businesses in the Liverpool City Region to be maximising the potential benefits of a global trade strategy, whether boosting the export potential of goods and services or sourcing components and supplies through an improved import strategy.

This past month, the Chamber set about a campaign to highlight the business stories that are frequently lost amidst the headlines of Brexit-related political considerations. It has collected insight, experience and testimonials from those trading businesses in Liverpool City Region whose contribution to the local economy are perhaps less well known, but nonetheless extremely effective and inspirational.

Brainboxes, a Speke-based manufacturer of advanced computerised chips, identified Liverpool as an outstanding location for a technology business to conduct international operations from.

“There are several great universities with strong science, technology, engineering and maths departments bringing graduates well equipped to work for us,” said Eamonn Walsh, Technical Director at Brainboxes.

Eamonn also highlighted the great transport links allow them to ship daily to customers all over the world. Steve Crane of Brunswick International Freight Terminal, a one-stop shop for freight requirements, agreed.

Steve added: “Liverpool is logistically perfect for trading with the USA particularly given the time-sensitive nature of trade movements.”

Clarke Energy, Strategic Partners of the Chamber, has experienced a period of rapid growth and its workforce is a key element of its considerable success.

“We coordinate our international business from our Knowsley-based headquarters with local employees making up the bulk of our workforce,” explained Alex Marshall, Group Marketing & Compliance Director.

Denis Sowler is Chair of the Chamber’s International Trade Club. His company, Tithebarn Ltd, are specialists in livestock feed supplements and Denis believes the brand of Liverpool is immensely valuable when traversing the globe selling products, claiming “everywhere I go, this great city is known and recognised.”

For many trading companies, Brexit only has an indirect effect because of the fluctuations in the value of the pound.

Frank Fox, Managing Director at Lombard Shipping said: “Our core business is worldwide with a small emphasis on trade with the EU.”

The Chamber was indebted to Yanco Ltd, Rayware Ltd, Husco International Ltd, the Liverpool School of English and Wynne Aviation for all their insight into the current economic climate.

Whilst the UK trading conditions for global enterprise are challenging, there is considerable talent, ambition and success stories within the local business base. The Chamber is positioned to provide support for businesses preparing for Brexit as well as funding, support and networks for those seeking to expand their trade activity within new international markets whatever the UK’s position is beyond October 31 this year.

This article was originally published in the Business Post and you can read more here

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