Post-election environment must enable business growth

Wed, November 6th, 2019

An article from the Chief Executive of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce

Business growth and success are predicated on the environment within which they operate. The impending General Election provides an opportunity for the main political parties to focus upon delivering a Government manifesto designed to stimulate economic growth and unlock the potential of our underwhelming economic performance.

We need to have clarity on Brexit, but this election must also be about much more including creating business confidence, unlocking investment and supporting growth by addressing the big issues facing local companies here at home.

Our new government, whatever its colour (or mix of colour) should be stimulating infrastructure development, building capacity within our transport networks and boosting connectivity between the cities and towns of the North with each other and the rest of the UK. Investment in 5G roll out and boosting rural digital connectivity is also essential as are opportunities for cities to invest in smart technology and enable the development of movement as a service.

A reinvestment in our skills system must be committed to, ensuring that our educational landscape and curriculum delivery ultimately prepares our young people (and adult learners) for their future careers and jobs of choice. Maximising the potential for business engagement with schools, colleges and universities should be at the forefront of our aspirations to truly enable experiential insights to inspire the next generation of talent.

Committing resources and expertise in support for businesses trading overseas is increasingly vital. The potential costs of a no-deal Brexit have been demonstrably huge, as demonstrated by the recent Governmental campaigns. Exit from the EU will inevitably require businesses to make adjustments to their processes, regulatory conformity and business development into New Markets. Pump priming such support for expanding sales of products and services into new regions is a fundamental necessity if overseas growth is to be realised by companies lacking the scale and scope of those larger companies already delivering on the global scale.

Finally, a commitment to further and more meaningful devolution of powers should be within the gift of the new government. Local knowledge, insight and understanding enables better decisions to be made to meet the needs of local economies. Providing such powers to the Liverpool City Region would provide some of the tools required to make the improvements that boost our competitive advantage as a great place to start, locate or develop a business in the UK.

This article will be featured in The Business Post. 

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