All you need is love when exporting

Thu, February 11th, 2016

All you need is love when exporting - here's why

One of Liverpool's greatest exports is the Beatles, the 1960s band that went global and remains a significant export for the North West region with regard to their music and the related inbound tourism. You may recall their song 'All you need is love', and love is all you need when it comes to developing effective international marketing and communications.

'If you speak to a man in a language he understands it goes to his head. But if you speak to a man in his own language it goes to his heart'. Nelson Mandela

Why export communication is a matter of the heart
Speaking to the heart enables us to connect with people on a deeper level. In business this is essential for both our internal (organisational) communications and for our external (marketing and PR) communications. When doing business internationally, communicating through the language of the people you wish to sell to not only enhances your brand credibility but your ability to attract and retain international customers.

There are many ways of addressing language needs that needn't be costly. It could involve, for example, recruitment of students who can undertake placements in your business to carry out language and culture-related marketing, market research, sales and customer care tasks that require language skills and cultural knowledge.
UKTI's Postgraduates for International Business scheme can help you do this . Your region's Language and Culture Adviser or an International Trade Adviser can help you define your recruitment needs and facilitate the recruitment process via universities.

It's important that translation is done professionally - automated translation should be avoided to ensure your copy is presented in the appropriate 'voice', accurately and professionally. UKTI advisers (of whom I’m one) can also identify your language needs and may recommend that you undertake translation of your website and other marketing materials.
Professional translation may not be as costly as you may think - a small investment will reap rewards, enabling you to engage more effectively with your buyers and preserve your brand's credibility. A professionally translated, localised and well optimised website (or language pages within your website) will help your business to 'speak to the heart' and give you competitive edge.

Here are my five golden rules to help you engage more effectively with international buyers and enhance your international brand:
1. Don’t use automated online translation services
2. Invest in the services of professional translators and interpreters
3. PLAN and manage translation projects and allocate resources
4. Consider how you can recruit language skills and cultural knowledge as well as leveraging any hidden talent that you may already have within your business
5. Get help from UKTI (more on this below).
And when you've fallen in love with exporting, we can help to build and nurture those all important relationships - more on this here

Sara Knowles, Language & Culture Adviser, UKTI North West

For further information about language and culture services, companies in the North West can contact me at or the the UKTI North West office

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