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Philip Bird, Managing Director of The PC Support Group

Posted by Liverpool and Sefton Chambers of Commerce

Fri 02nd, Nov

Introduce yourself – name, where do you sit in the business, and what does the business do?

Philip Bird, Managing Director of The PC Support Group

The PC Support Group is a multi-award-winning IT Managed Service Provider, supporting businesses throughout the North West. We specialise in providing a full range of IT and telephony products and services to enable SMEs to maximise the benefits of technology.  Using the latest remote management & automation systems along with our highly skilled technicians, we ensure our clients are connected, compliant, secure and adaptable to the fast changing commercial environment we all now operate in. Our services include fully outsourced IT support, one-off IT projects, managed data protection, file sharing solutions, security audits and services, and VoIP solutions. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” so we offer both on-premise and cloud-based solutions tailored to specific client’s needs.

What changes would you like to see to improve or develop your sector?

We desperately need more highly qualified youngsters coming in to the IT profession as there is a growing skills shortage and I would love to see more women working in the IT sector as it’s far too male dominated and there’s no reason why this should be the case.

What advice would you give your teenage self?

I’ve come to realise that most setbacks really do lead to opportunities, so I would tell myself not to worry too much if things don’t go to plan and look for those opportunities. When I did my A Levels I was expected to get high grades and go to Liverpool University to study Physics but the results didn’t come and I ended up at Manchester Polytechnic (as it was called then) to study Physics and Computing and I hated Physics! Since then my whole career has been with computers which may not have happened had I got good A level results. I also started my first company after the one I was working for went into liquidation. Another silver lining from a cloud. So I try to apply this thinking as much as I can now.

Where would we find you on your day off?

Usually up a hill on a bike in the Derbyshire hills. Like most people I rode a bike as a kid and then stopped as soon as I learned to drive but in 2012 I set myself a challenge to ride from London to Paris in 3 days and it sparked a real love of cycling. I must admit that as the cold weather and dark nights draw in you’re more likely to see me in the gym though.

What is the best advice you have been given in your career?

It’s probably a bit of advice that’s become a cliché but I still think it holds true… employ people that are better than you. To start a business and get it moving you have to be pretty good but for it to grow and become truly exceptional you need people who can bring more expertise in each area

Who is your role model in business?

I don’t think there is one business person that is perfect so I try to learn from anyone and everyone. However, if I was to select one then it would probably be James Dyson. I admire his commitment to creating wonderful products and providing great service when so many businesses focus on being cheap at the expense of everything else. I never wanted The PC Support Group to be cheap, I wanted us to provide exceptional service and bring real value to our clients, so I can at least say Mr Dyson and I share that passion.

Why choose Liverpool City Region?

Merseyside was a great place to start our business as it’s got a thriving SME community, a number of academic institutions bringing through potential employees and is geographically well located to allow us to service businesses throughout the region. We’ve now also added a Manchester office.

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