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Wayne Blair – Senior Project Manager at Kier Construction North West

Posted by Liverpool and Sefton Chambers of Commerce

Fri 11th, Jan

Introduce yourself – name, where do you sit in the business, and what does the business do?

Wayne Blair – Senior Project Manager – Kier Construction North West

I was born and raised in Liverpool and have spent most of my adult life in this wonderful city. I began my career in construction as a shipwright and over a 22-year time-span have worked my way from joiner to senior project manager at Kier Construction North West. I have had the privilege of managing multiple construction sites in the North West area. One of the most recent and extremely successful projects I have managed involved the construction of £19.4m ParkLife football pitches in four separate locations across Liverpool. Kier Construction North West delivers construction projects in the range of £500K to £50m. The organisation has a strong construction presence in the North West region of England with key construction sites in Liverpool, North Wales and Manchester. Kier specialise and deliver projects in the health, education, residential, leisure, commercial, defence and retail sectors.

What Developments and Changes have you seen in the Construction Industry?

I have seen incredible improvements in the construction industry not only in build methods but also the usage of computers and communication.

Construction is all about team work and I work with some very intelligent professionals with excellent skills not just at the construction phase but with the planning, processing and sequencing the project so that we can deliver award winning schemes such as Chester Storyhouse Theatre and Merseygateway. The conditions and salary have improved and is now comparable with many other professional careers.

 What does a typical working day look like?

I don’t think I have a typical day which is why I enjoy construction so much. It is varied from practical actions such as hanging radiators to problem solving on site. I am constantly looking to improve the way myself and the team work, I like to identify opportunities of how Kier can support the community and how my skills set and knowledge can help. This is why I enjoy working with the client and my colleagues to deliver schemes which make such a positive impact in the region.

I enjoy supporting and developing people coming into construction new to the industry and I am thrilled to see that many of these students are now running their own sites and projects.

Where would we find you on your day off?

I don’t really stop, I am currently renovating my own “Blair Manor” so my joinery skills are always being used and I am also helping to build a timber framed extension to a listed building. I would love to do some more travelling and planning to visit the children in Chernobyl who we had the pleasure of supporting their visit to the UK with a fun football day at Jericho Lane Football Ground and maybe even speak in their language through some e learning.

I enjoy spending time with the family and walking in the countryside with my dog.  

Why construction?

I am a scouse man from the south end Liverpool. I attended Shorefield School and had a fantastic time growing up in the city so never had an urge to leave. I used to play football at Jericho and it’s great to be involved with is redevelopment and to see a large increase in positive projects and jobs around the city. I was involved with some very interesting refurbishment projects in Liverpool in my early years inkling one of my first jobs on a TYS scheme. When working as a shipwright I had the privilege of making a timber mast (using the traditional method), which is still flying the flag in the Albert Dock and is a replica of the one already installed facing the Liver Building from the early 80’s.

For me, construction has offered a varied career with many challenges and pressures that have made me a stronger person and manager. There is nothing more powerful that seeing a “finished product” that you have played a key part in developing. This might vary from constructing a large multi-storey building, to building a playground for the local children to play. Construction is also a very rewarding job that enables me to partake in charitable community work and have an extremely positive impact on the local people in the region.

Wayne was shortlisted for our Local hero award at our Annual Dinner and Awards 2018.

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