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Steven Hunt, Managing Director at Steven Hunt & Associates

Posted by Liverpool and Sefton Chambers of Commerce

Fri 20th, Apr

Introduce yourself – who you are, where you sit in the business and what does the business do?

Hi everyone, I am Steve Hunt, the managing director of Steven Hunt & Associates. We are a mechanical and electrical engineering design specialist, with nearly three decades worth of experience in the sector.

Having shaped everything from large multi-million pound developments to small-scale, intimate projects and everything in-between, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the risk and cost base of any scheme of any size is lowered.

Being a certified level 2 BIM practioner, we have the edge over our competitors, with the ability to meet any brief, working collaboratively with other suppliers to ensure that the final design is clear and concise enough to be taken straight to the construction stage, in turn, reducing waste and ultimately saving the client time and money.

Where do you see Steven A Hunt and Associates in 5 years’ time?

In five years’ time, we will have already celebrated our 30th birthday and by then it would be nice to have grown and expanded further on a national scale. We have a great reputation for our work in the North West and with some of the best engineers in the region currently at our disposal, it would be nice to share our practices further afield, as well as cementing ourselves as the go to M&E consultants in Liverpool.

How and why did the business start?

My father was an electrician when I was growing up and from a very young age, I was obsessed and fascinated by watching him work. As a child, I always knew I wanted to create things and after starting off as an apprentice engineer at the age of 16, I always dreamt about running my own business.

I founded Steven Hunt & Associates at the age of 24 and since then the company has slowly grown and expanded in Merseyside and the North West, with 2018 already looking like a ground-breaking year for the company.

What advice would you give your teenage self?

I’d tell my young self, to trust his own judgement and to have more self-belief. Luckily for me I always had a dream of what I wanted to do in life and that has really helped me now as a managing director, as I constantly try to give my young staff members the belief that I at times lacked as a teen.

Who is your role model in business?

I don’t have a specific role model, but I do gain inspiration from men and women in business who constantly strive for greatness, both for themselves, their company and for their work force.

Attending sector events such as IHEEM and MIPIM, I regularly network and mix with fellow business leaders and it is hard not to be impressed by those leaders who are confident, charismatic and driven to succeed.

Why choose Liverpool City Region?

Liverpool was where I was born more than 50 years ago and my first real taste of engineering came at Liverpool Community College, so the city has always been my home.

Liverpool has so much going for it and so much history, culture and architecture, so to set up a business in the city region and to work on projects such as the Royal Court and Aintree Racecourse’s equestrian centre, makes my decision back in the late 80’s a justified one.

I am now aiming to bring on the next generation of engineers and I am also open to giving talented and enthusiastic professionals a chance at the company if they fit the bill.

What would you like to see improve or develop in your sector?

I think it is crucial that the sector continues to adapt to its surroundings. Retailers are beginning to realise that planning is crucial for them in order to save money and that is where companies like ourselves come in.

We can do the hard work for these retailers, but engineers need to be adequately trained to do so and contractors need to realise that they cannot simply cut corners in order to do jobs in the quickest possible time.

Technology is constantly evolving in our sector too and with BIM, Auto-CAD and other programmes hitting the market and evolving on an almost monthly basis, it is important that we use these products to their full potential.

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