Time to move on – what will your priority be for 2019?

Posted by Neil Ashbridge

Fri 11th, Jan

I often feel that January is a contradictory month. As the strains of Auld Lang Syne fade away for another year, the nostalgia for the year gone by is replaced by a collective urge to improve our waistlines and make and break our annual resolutions.

Many will be glad to see the back of 2018, particularly the Prime Minister I suspect, but 2019 certainly hasn’t offered much comfort so far and we are no closer to knowing what the business environment will look like post 29 March.

The uncertainties created by Brexit aside however, 2018 was a year for transformation and growth for both the Chamber as well as many of our members and we are looking forward to building on that progress and reflecting that optimism in 2019.

For the Chamber that includes the expansion of the local Hubs which now include South Liverpool and the Baltic Triangle with new Hubs planned for North Liverpool and Sefton in 2019. They will host activities throughout 2019 incorporating events, seminars, workshops and networking opportunities for local businesses.

Working with members will continue to be key to delivering the Hubs as well as other initiatives like the International Trade Club, quarterly Economic Breakfast Briefings and round table events with public and private partners, focussing on national and local issues which impact on our business community.

Expanding our engagement with local education providers at all levels will also be core to Chamber activities in 2019, particularly to identify how employers and providers can collaborate more effectively to make a real impact on the skills agenda which continues to be a major concern for employers of all sizes and across a range of sectors.

Central to all the Chamber’s objectives however is having a real understanding of what is important to members and I am delighted that the Business Policy Committee, chaired by Alison Lobb, Managing Partner at Morecrofts, will meet for the first time on 16 January. The Committee will provide a forum through which members can communicate with the Board and the Executive, to enable the Chamber to provide a truly representative voice of business to inform and influence both local and national policy makers.

If you would like more information on how Liverpool & Sefton Chamber can support your business priorities for 2019 or you would like to be more actively engaged in Chamber activities please contact membership@liverpoolchamber.org.uk

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