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Quarterly Economic Survey (QES)

What’s important to your business? How are you finding things?

The QES is a quarterly opportunity for our members to tell us how their business is performing. It creates a powerful snapshot of local and national economic conditions, which is used by key decision makers including the Government and the Bank of England.

What is QES?

The Quarterly Economic Survey is the largest independent business survey of its kind in the UK. Nationally, British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) uses the data to lobby government and key decision makers on behalf of Chamber members – so it really is your voice in government. Locally, the results of the QES help us focus our activities, so we can address issues that really matter to our members.

Why is QES important?

The QES has given a snapshot of local and national economic conditions for many years, but more recently since the onset of the Covid pandemic it has consistently demonstrated the scale of its impact on UK businesses. It’s been essential in understanding the short and longer-term impacts on businesses of different sectors and sizes. QES receives widespread national and international press coverage, and is briefed extensively across the UK government and Bank of England.