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Hospitality Case Studies

The hospitality sector has faced staffing challenges and skills shortages due to both Brexit and Covid-19. The industry has seen many EU hospitality workers leave the country, or been been unable to re-enter as a result of new VISA requirements.

Liverpool hospitality leaders told us about their journey post-Brexit.

Art School Restaurant

Paul Askew is Chef Patron and Owner of the Art School Restaurant. Paul highlighted how Covid and Brexit have led to staffing and skills shortages in the industry. During the pandemic, Paul saw many of his staff leave the UK to visit families in other countries without being able to return due to travel restrictions. As a result of the changes in Immigration Law, the industry has seen a reduced number of applications from food culture specialists in the EU, and is calling for Government to intervene with a hospitality working visa.

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Crowne Plaza Hotel at John Lennon Airport

Paul Gallen is the General Manager at Kew Green hotels. The Crowne Plaza hotel employs a mixture of staff from the UK and Europe. His views mirrored those of the hospitality industry in general – with challenges in supply chains, recruitment and skills. Paul calls on the Government to develop a clear strategy to entice EU workers back to the UK, and more support in hospitality-specific apprenticeship schemes. Though the industry has experienced its most challenging 18 months in history, Paul is positive the sector will bounce back.

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Panoramic 34

Elliot Hill is Head Chef at fine dining restaurant Panoramic 34. Post-Brexit, Panoramic 34 have experienced challenges around recruitment and skills shortages which spread as a common problem throughout their supply chain. Watch the video to find out more.

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