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Thu, January 16th, 2020

As well as being main sponsors and delivering a presentation at the ICE...

National Transport Planning Day was on 20/11/2019. As well as being main sponsors and delivering a presentation at the ICE in London, Mott Macdonald  decided to celebrate and promote Transport Planning Day by working with local schools . On Transport Planning Day, a team of Early Career Professionals visited schools across the UK including, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Coventry, Edinburgh and Stevenage.  Mott Macdonald delivered presentations to approximately 350 students/pupils, talking about Transport Planning, what it is, how it affects day to day life, what it could mean in the future, we also touched on a career in TP.

There was a Q & A session at the end of each presentation, which I worked really well. ,Mot Macdonald visited 5 x secondary schools and 2 x primary schools. The presentation for the primary schools was tailored quite differently with the audience being younger, as it was more interactive and at the end of the session pupils were invited to take part in a drawing competition. Each pupil was asked to draw a picture showing what they thought future transport would look like in the year 2070 (50 years from now), the best picture won a prize.

The winner was chosen for the variety of different transport modes and they really thought outside of the box with an invisibility box, a self-driving car and a teleporter. Everyone was really impressed with the rolling house and flying bed! Very inventive and innovative!

The runners up were chosen:
Runner up 1: People loved the idea of e-wings and the fact that electricity had been thought about for power – very sustainable. People also thought that robot-driven cars would be pretty cool, especially if they take you into space!

Runner up 2: People thought the use of animals is good, but must remember animal welfare. They would be very fast, efficient, comfortable and pretty sustainable as they don’t use any types of fuel. People were also drawn to the colours used and cool hats the people were wearing! This is a must if you are flying on a giant parrot – can’t wait for evolution to kick in so we can all have a go!

Runner up 3: This was a great effort to think about how people would get to their final destination after they get off the Hamstercar. There was real consideration to making people feel happy and welcome with the ‘welcome, come in’ signs. This is very important when trying to influence how people travel so was great to see, the happier the people the more successful the service! There was also consideration given to safety with the fire exit shown and the Hamstercar could both fly and be on the ground so would be very flexible and cater to lots of people’s needs!

A special mention must go to the Iron Man Suit. This was a great piece of art but unfortunately people thought the lasers might be a bit distracting to other transport users and cause accidents!

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