BDO Liverpool to the Rescue!

Mon, February 3rd, 2020

BDO raise £5634.52 for Freshfields Animal Rescue's Outreach Neutering Programme

As a result of a Charity of the Year partnership with BDO during 2019, Freshfields have worked across industrial and residential areas of Liverpool to prevent a spiralling increase of cat populations from feral cats, street cats and uncontrolled household cats. This has reduced the pressure on animal rescues by proactively addressing what is now a silent national crisis.

BDO enabled:
• The trap, neuter and release of 292 feral and street cats with the support of the public and the business community.
• Collection and neuter of 260 household cats who would otherwise have continued to breed.
• Veterinary care for sick and injured cats such as wound treatments, dentals, blood tests and amputations.
• New homes or rescue spaces found for 131 community kittens and cats.
• Work with social landlords and community groups to engage with pet owners in disadvantaged households, to provide intensive practical help, advice, free neutering to those on low incomes and a door to door neutering shuttle.

Without these neuters the cat population could potentially have soared.

Darrin Stiles, Community Neutering Project Lead: 

‘If only half of those cats neutered had gone on to produce 4 kittens each that would add 1,104 cats to these area of Liverpool in one year alone. In reality many more kittens could have been born and those females could reproduce at 5-6 months old, adding thousands more cats to the population'

Put your hands together for the BDO Liverpool team…

Emma Jensen, Fundraising Manager:

Freshfields state that they are just the people on the ground and it takes a community to run a rescue.  BDO understand this and have stepped up to the plate. They have baked, rowed, head shaved, raffled, hiked, abseiled and ghost hunted. They have helped out with the dirty work at the Liverpool rescue, and one manager even joined the Freshfields Board.

'We have been bowled over by the initiative, positivity and teamwork of everyone at the Liverpool offices. Their genuine commitment to the community we are all part of makes them a credit to the Liverpool business community. They have made a significant difference to Merseyside's struggling wildlife and domestic animals and been a pleasure to work with'

If you would like to explore the benefits of a Charity Partnership with Freshfields to your staff and company, contact call 07591 205078

Meet the Members

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Freshfields Animal Rescue

Freshfields Animal Rescue, East Lodge Farm, East Lane, Ince Blundell, LIVERPOOL, Merseyside, UK, L29 3EA

  • T: 0151 931 1604

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