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Tue, March 24th, 2020

During this difficult time, we are all unsure of how best to work moving forward

During this difficult time, we are all unsure of how best to work moving forward. Business must continue and here at BT Local Business we have the ability to help you do this with as little disruption as possible. Internet access and mobile services are critical to remote working and we are fortunate enough to provide both industry leading internet access and the number 1 mobile network in the UK.

Remote working is something many companies are considering moving forwards, and we are happy to help Liverpool Chamber Customers by advising you on what can be achieved.


To set up a divert from a BT service please visit you can see a host of help here on setting up diverts.

Cloud Telephony for Remote Workers
Cloud Telephony is an internet based, hosted telephone system. This means you are able to make and receive business calls over the internet from any building and still display the business presence for incoming and outgoing calls. This can be achieved by either working via a softphone app, on your iOS / Android telephone or tablet, or even a handset plugged into your home BB router. These options allow you to use any suitable internet connection to make and receive calls as if you were in the office. This is great for those people who wish to work from home in isolation. These services can be deployed reasonably quickly on a self-install basis and we have seen businesses organise this in as little as five days from speaking with us.

Mobiles for Remote Workers

EE mobile has once again been voted the UKs best mobile network and here at BT we can provide the full EE business portfolio. During this difficult time, we have introduced a shorter 3-month minimum term on select EE mobile plans. This allows businesses to provide mobile communications to remote workers for a shorter period of time than the usual 12 or 24 month term.

This has been introduced for customers looking for a quick option to enable staff to work remotely. These are available both for new customers and existing customers looking to expand their current fleet. The plans 3 month plans are for SIM only for calls and data or just data and we can also provide hardware at competitive rates.

BT Fixed Line Internet Services

More and more people are choosing to work remotely year-round, and a stable internet connection is essential for this to succeed. At BT we offer multiple different packages that will provide fast, unlimited internet access for home offices. This will allow users to access VPN networks from remote sites and “work as if you are in the office”. These services can be backed with a 4G assure service to provide worry free connection at all times. More information on 4G assure can be found here -

BT Net Leased Line

For those business sites with BT Net Leased Line connections, now is a time where more and more people will be accessing the office network remotely. This can see demand on the primary office connection rise as more and more people are accessing via VPN / remote services. At BT we can offer the ability to “flex” up your existing connection to the full capabilities of your bearer for a short period of time. This allows for your connection to be fully utilised as more demand is put on the business connection.

Alternatively, we can look at your business connection and potentially provide higher bandwidth for your business in the long run.

At BT we are always looking to provide the best possible service and we can look at increasing your service long term to provide the best speeds at the best price, for the future needs of your business. As technology evolves, more demand is put on our internet connections and now may be a good time to re-evaluate your speed and explore the options for faster leased line access in the long run. This will allow for contingency plans such as the current situation to be taken care of before it happens.

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