Laura Tobin helps keep people in Merseyside Safe

Mon, November 2nd, 2020

The TV weather presenter will share her winter weather safety advice...

TV weather presenter Laura Tobin will share her winter weather safety advice to help people across Merseyside prepare for the storm season – as she becomes a Storm Chaser for electricity provider SP Energy Networks.

Meteorologist Laura will front a series of online videos sharing advice on how to stay safe if extreme weather conditions affect your electricity supply. Tips shared by Laura include keeping an extra warm blanket in the house, having a fully charged power bank for your phone and being aware of power lines that might have fallen in strong winds.

When the winter weather arrives, it can make it more likely for power cuts to occur, so the videos outline what to do in extreme storms, heavy snow and high winds to stay safe.

It’s also important to sign-up to SP Energy Networks’ free Priority Services Register which is available for families with young children, older people and those with medical conditions who rely on a power supply. The register ensures that people get extra help during power cuts, when they need it.

Laura, who has starred on TV since 2007, said: “We all know that weather conditions can turn quickly so it’s crucial that people heed SP Energy Networks’ advice and make sure they’re prepared.

“By following the simple guidelines provided, you can make sure that in the unlikely event of a power cut, you know exactly what to do and have everything you need to hand.”

Laura will appear in a series of video content on SP Energy Networks social media and online channels throughout the winter months. This will include blasts of special social media advice ahead of extreme winter weather. SP Energy Networks will be taking over buses, phone boxes, digital advertising boards and Video on Demand TV streaming services to share winter safety messaging.

Laura’s top tips are:

  • Keep a torch with charged batteries or one that can be wound up in an easy to reach location. You can also buy battery-powered lights that plug into a power socket and come on automatically during a power cut.
  • Have a phone that doesn’t run off mains supply. If you have a mobile or analogue phone, it means you can call the national 105 power cut number to report the power loss and get updates.
  • Keep a fully charged power bank nearby. This means you can keep your mobile phone or tablet charged to stay in touch with others and see important updates on our website and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Having a battery powered radio and fresh batteries is also a good idea. This will mean you can keep up to date with the latest news on the about the weather.
  • Keep a warm blanket in the house and think about wearing extra layers to keep warm. Most heating systems won’t work during a power cut.
  • Have the national 105 power cut number close to hand. Save it in your phone contacts, or keep it on the Fridge, a notice board or in your diary.
  • Beware of fallen power lines. Power lines can fall over in extremely high winds. Do not go near a fallen power line as it may still be live and extremely dangerous. Please report it immediately by calling 105.
  • Join the free Priority Services Register. If you rely on electricity for medical equipment, you’re over 60 or have a child under five, join the SP Energy Networks’ free Priority Services Register by calling 0330 1010 167.

SP Energy Networks’ safety campaign is designed to get people thinking about how prepared they are during the winter months.

Guy Jefferson, Customer Service Director at SP Energy Networks, said: “Preparing for winter weather can be one of those things people put off again and again. The reality is that stormy weather can hit at any time. Laura’s simple tips will help you prepare quickly.

“I’d urge anyone who needs a little extra help when the power is out to join our free Priority Services Register and remind everyone that in the rare event of a power cut, you should call our 105 hotline immediately.”

For further information and details on how to join the Priority Services Register, please visit 

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