Sutcliffe respond to the Spending Review

Wed, November 25th, 2020

Sean Keyes, managing director of civil & structural engineering firm, Sutcliffe.

Sean Keyes, managing director of civil & structural engineering firm, Sutcliffe, which has offices in Liverpool, Manchester, North Wales and London, said:

 "I absolutely welcome today's commitment from the Government. The way big spending projects have traditionally been assessed has been a longstanding issue in this country that has facilitated a north-south divide. I have always said that the social value of these projects should be taken into more consideration - not just monetary. Then and only then will we see the areas that need these projects the most get a bigger share of the pie.

"Again, I am pleased to see a spending pledge for the NHS. As healthcare specialists, we see first hand the need in this country for good quality healthcare facilities - hospitals are underfunded, there is no getting away from that fact. We need bigger, better hospitals, with more staff, especially as the country faces a health crisis once the effects of the pandemic subside. All I would ask is that hospital spending is done in a strategic way so we avoid other PFI disasters.

"With regards to the £4.6bn package to help hundreds of thousands of jobless back to work - all I would ask is that this is targeted towards SMEs. The majority of companies in this country are SMEs and it is they who will react the quickest, creating quality, skilled, professional jobs for the unemployed."

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