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Utility Week insight report – Paving the way to net zero

To deliver a cost effective and equitable transition to net zero, the full potential of system data and digitalisation must be brought to bear.

But what key enablers must be in place to support this, and what specific outcomes should the energy industry be looking to achieve?

Awareness of the role of data and digitalisation in delivery of the energy transition is unquestionably growing. And, as other sectors look to accelerate their own journeys towards net zero by decarbonising their energy use, the energy sector is also increasingly recognised to be at the vanguard of the battle to limit climate change.

In the countdown to COP26, we have collaborated once again with Utility Week to surface the sector’s thinking about this crucial area.

Our thanks go to all the industry leaders who invested their time and shared their views. We believe that they have provided some powerful insights that could help us collectively accelerate towards net zero, whilst ensuring that the energy and climate transitions are just.

To find out more, download the insight report and get in touch.

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