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PinnTag is on its way to drive revenue for Small Businesses

PinnTag is a brand-new promotional app for offers and events, looking to reinvent the way we have social experiences and championing small independent businesses.


The on-demand promotions app allows small businesses to inexpensively advertise offers and events to drive footfall, increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

The app will have a soft launch in five cities from November 1st, before launching nationally in December. The initial cities are Birmingham, Brighton, Southampton, Leeds and Liverpool.


Founder of PinnTag, Robin Seth, can’t wait to get started.

‘Our strapline is ‘PinnTag for the People’. After 25 years working in the technology industry and speaking with like-minded individuals, I quickly learnt that the SMB industry is completely underserved, this is where the inspiration for PinnTag came from. We want to help inspire SMBs out of the struggles of the pandemic and be a platform that can be used across any business sector. There really is nothing like this on the market that can make such a positive social impact.’


Whether you’re looking for regular returning customers or new ones, any business can use PinnTag to share their offers and events.

The app is split into three main parts; offers, events and support, aimed at also working with local charities as there is a strong passion for giving back to communities.

PinnTag prides itself on being extremely intuitive, one of its core uses is it allows you to create impromptu offers and events in minutes.

One of the company’s favourite phrases is PinnTag is the app to ‘fill your empty seats’, driving footfall to local businesses up and down the UK. However, it goes wider than just your local area, it can be used to plan trips across the UK and will be at your fingertips wherever you are.

Businesses who sign up early can receive 30 days FREE use of PinnTag.