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Is your marketing helping you to attract the right candidates?

Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, recruitment, Social Media Marketing, Websites / By Susannah Smart

How can marketing attract the right candidates for your business?

There has been a lot of publicity recently about the staff shortages in haulage. This is also having a severe effect on all industries.

A recent study of 500 firms has shown that one-fifth are increasing wages to attract new staff, whilst one-third are cutting down services and products on offer. A further one-third are planning to do the same in the coming months.

These strategies are not viable for many businesses, so apart from the traditional route of recruitment agencies, what can you do to attract the right candidates?


Not just any marketing, but specifically social media marketing, website, and email marketing.

If you’ve done your social media marketing effectively, you will have a good number of followers, whatever platform you use to reach out to customers. Posting your job on social media, using engaging copy and imagery, increases your audience. You may even attract someone who wasn’t even thinking about changing their career.

Once interested, many people will then move onto your website to see what your business does and if the overall ethos appeals. Having an interactive website that actively works to promote you will do wonders for your credibility!

If you have a mailing list, use this to tell your subscribers that you’re growing/looking for new staff. Even if your readership isn’t looking for a job, the chances are that someone they know is. And if you’ve created a good reputation through your blogs and updates then they are far more likely to recommend you as a potential employer.

So your marketing can be instrumental in attracting the right candidates!

Surround yourself with experts

Not everyone finds marketing an easy task. It can be time-consuming and difficult to know what to write or how to create effective imagery. It’s generally something that should be done but can fall to the bottom of the list.

This is where The Social Desk comes in – you outsource your marketing to us and we help you create an effective strategy and carry out the marketing according to your needs and budget.

Ring the office on 0330 120 0844 or contact us via the website for a free consultation. Let’s see how marketing can help you attract the right candidates!