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The World Reimagined

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has signed up our region to become a host city for The World Reimagined – a ground-breaking national art education project to transform how we understand the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its impact on all of us, as a key step to making racial justice a reality in our communities and city.


The World Reimagined will see a trail of large Globe sculptures across our region in the summer of 2022, created by artists to bring to life the reality and impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The Globes will be created by both established and undiscovered artists, alongside Globes created through unique collaborations that bring together communities and icons with artists. The trails will be the centre of a broader learning and engagement programme – with schools, community groups, sporting and cultural institutions across Liverpool taking part.

The World Reimagined will be a vibrant project that will inspire pride in what it means to be Black and British and help us all better understand what it means to be British. You can find out more at

The Learning Programme will be available and accessed by up to 40 schools across the region.

With Sky as its Official Presenting Partner and confirmed to take place in 8 cities (Birmingham, Brighton & Hove, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool City Region, London and Swansea), The World Reimagined will drive huge interest. As we know from previous sculpture trails – they have enormous audiences with deep engagement and significant impact. For example, when ‘Gromit Unleashed’ took place in Bristol in 2013, 1.18m people actively engaged with the trails, delivering a direct economic impact of £77m.

Our invitation – your opportunity to reimagine the future
We invite you to join us in making this powerful statement about our shared commitment – as a city, businesses and leaders – to racial equality by becoming a partner of The World Reimagined in the Liverpool City Region.  The City Region has invested significantly as we believe this is an essential programme for the future of our area and wider society. We hope you will also partner so that you can;

  • Make a powerful public commitment to making racial justice a reality – for your team, customers, clients and local communities;
  • Create meaningful, unique engagements with clients and customers around The World Reimagined;
  • Develop and inspire your teams around the cause of making racial justice a reality; and
  • Build breakthrough PR moments for your organisation.

We are hosting an online event to share the vision and plans of The World Reimagined, with specifics of how you can get involved:

We hope you will join, to hear from us and The World Reimagined team, Chaired by co-founder Michelle Gayle, about how you can get involved with a range of different partnership opportunities available – and help us create a truly powerful moment and experience for our city region.

The World Reimagined in Liverpool City Region
The World Reimagined will include (in brief):

  • 10 Globe Sculpture Trail that takes visitors through the nine themes of The World Reimagined’s Journey of Discovery – and will feature Globes created by local artists from the Artist Open Call, as well as internationally renowned artists. The 10th in the trial Globe will be created by an artist working with local communities.
  • Smaller Globe Sculptures: These will be created by local and national artists and especially commissioned by schools and community organisations. Around 30 of these smaller globes will be installed across the city region.
  • Learning Programme: Free access for all schools to resources and teacher leadership training, alongside the opportunity for schools – for a small fee – to create their own Globes to feature on the trail maps and access to in-person training.
  • Community Programme: A Community Coordinator will work with local people, organisations and institutions to create meaningful spaces for dialogue; bring local stories into The World Reimagined; and create the opportunity for local people and organisations to organise their own ‘Inspired By’ events and activities, that The World Reimagined can promote and share.
  • Digital Platform: The trail will be connected via a digital app specific to your city; enabling local sponsor activations and spotlighting local organisations aligned with The World Reimagined’s mission.

Your Opportunity To Reimagine the World
There are a number of partnership opportunities available:

  • 7 x Globe Partnerships:
    o Globe Partner: Reimagine the world in a very personal way by making it possible for an artist selected through the Open Call to create a Globe that is a key part of the trail; with significant branding benefits around the Globe you sponsor and beyond.
    o Premium Globe Partner: Make it possible for one of the world’s leading artists or an invited icon to collaborate with an artist to design their own globe sculpture. These Globes will be at the heart of the trails and our entire public engagement programme, with significant brand benefits around the Globe you sponsor
  • Learning Partner: Support us in making it possible for schools, their students and teachers, across Liverpool and the region to take part in a learning programme to transform their understanding of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Britain today. As well as helping to inspire a new generation, your brand will appear on all education Globes produced by schools, as well as in any collateral The World Reimagined-produces related to learning programme events and activities.

Community Partner: Support The World Reimagined’s full programme of work with communities across the region, including

(i) making it possible for us to commission a professional artist to work with communities to create the 10th Globe in the trail; (ii) supporting the work of our community coordinator to bring people and organisations together, as well as supporting them to produce their own globe and host their own ‘Inspired By’ events and activities.