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Wild Thang are committed to a sustainable future and proud to support a talented artist exhibit at Cop 26!

Wild Thang as a company are 100% committed to a sustainable future and proud to have supported the very talented artist Robyn Woolston whose art is focused on environmental impact issues. Robyn’s exhibition during Cop 26 has taken place between 31st Oct – 12th Nov in Glasgow on the ground floor of the Pipe Factory, in a space built by William White and Sons in 1877, as a clay smoking pipe factory.

Andrew Dwerryhouse Commented:

“We have followed Robyn Woolston for many years and know her passion to help the future of the planets environment through her world class artwork and we knew we had to support. Wild Thang are aligned and committed to create a sustainable future as a company and prior to Cop 26 started the process of making our own internal future sustainability promise.

We are an organisation that wants to be part of the solution rather than the problem. We already hold ISO 14001 certification and have clear policies and some great examples of changes we have already made such as electric car charging point, recycling all cardboard and paper waste, plus a range of other initiatives. Our eco range has never been bigger but we want to go much further and we know the time to act is now, so when this opportunity came up to support Robyn it seemed the perfect fit. Part of the support included creating a brief statement about what the commitment will be from Wild Thang.”

As part of the statement we shared with Robyn we described how we have just created our company vision for the next 10 years, with sustainability as one of the key components for that vision so as a company we will be aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 and to make sure all the amazing branded clothing merchandise and print we produce are coming from sustainable sources, this will be formally announced in January 2022.

Art can have real impact and influence, Robyn put it more eloquently when she said:

“Art provides a powerful tool in terms of consciousness-raising, agitating, re-framing and addressing both the impact and output of human behavior”. There is no better named location than the smoking pipe factory if you’re talking about environmental impact.

We are still an SME and know this will be a step by step process, but if we can inspire others to do the same, and we hope Cop 26 will be a defining moment in helping the planet have a more sustainable future because action is urgently needed, we know many small changes by many people can make a world changing difference!”

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