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Liverpool Law Society appoint new President

Liverpool Law Society has appointed the new president for 2021-2022: Steven Zdolyny

Steven has served as a qualified solicitor in the North West since 1996 and is currently the General Counsel at Kim Technologies. Previously he won The Lawyer, In House Public Sector Team of the Year Award and received high commendations in The Law Society Excellence Awards, Solicitor of the Year In-House.

Following the skilful steering of the Society by now Former President Julie O’Hare of Carpenters Group for two terms during the difficult Covid pandemic, Steven is “proud to continue the excellent work of so many distinguished predecessors”.

Despite the pandemic, the Society and President O’Hare pushed forward with the important goals of fighting for access to justice and changing the profession’s approach to diversity and inclusion, including the establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee.

The new themes for Steven’s Presidency will be:

  1. Recovery as the “impact of Covid has been extremely challenging”; and
  2. Opportunity as “following any hardship, there is opportunity, so the officers and staff of the Society will work tirelessly to extend whatever support we can to our members, so we can maximise future opportunities for our local professional community”.

Steven with the support of the Society’s staff and officers “will strive to ensure that we continue to offer excellent value for money, with exceptional professional products and services that our members can trust to be of high quality and provide them with the outcomes and solutions they need, when they need them”.

Steven is supported by the new Vice-President Jo Francis of BLM who has served for one year as LLS’ first Deputy Vice President and previously as Honorary Treasurer. Jo has worked in Liverpool throughout her legal career in managing and handling casualty and motor claims, and currently leads the Casualty Team at BLM whilst also volunteering to working with local young people in her spare time. Jo is looking forward to “adding to the hard work and contributions of our City’s lawyers and legal industry over the past couple of centuries”.

Both Steven and Jo are both supported by the new Deputy Vice President, civil litigation solicitor Jeremy Myers of Husband Forwood Morgan. Jeremy is a “lifelong Merseysider” and “is very conscious that Solicitors are a fortunate group who can contribute more broadly to the community” and leads by example, having been a volunteer solicitor with Citizens Advice and Liverpool Community Advice for 13 years, mentoring for Liverpool’s School of Law, and developing the Society’s lobbying role as Parliamentary Liaison Officer from 2014 to 2020.

The Society looks forward to this new year, supportive of the themes of the Society, and are comforted to face the next year with the skills and enthusiasm of the new officers and wishes them all success for the year to come.