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Northern Stakeholder Update

View Northern’s Stakeholder Update here

Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities and so their latest newsletter focusses on how they’re making their network more accessible for everyone.

They are committed to making sure services are accessible to everyone, to enable all our customers to travel safely and with confidence. They are continually looking for ways to make improvements for customers who face barriers when travelling by rail. This doesn’t just mean wheelchair users, but people with a whole range of visible and invisible disabilities.

Their new and refurbished trains means that our fleet is more accessible than ever before, although we’ve got more work to do in this area. And they are looking beyond the experience customers with disabilities have onboard our trains. They care about experience right from the point at which you’re planning your journey, at their stations, and through to onward travel. The introduction of 3D station maps on their website is one example of where we’re helping customers to plan their journeys. They will be the first train operator in the UK to provide both 2D and 3D maps and visualisations online.