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Social Media Marketing: How to create an effective reaction from clients

There used to be a golden rule of 80/20 for effective social media marketing, which meant 20% of posts should be a direct promotion of your business and the other 80% should be to inform, educate and – preferably – entertain & amuse your audience.

Effective social media marketing needs an authentic voice
However, this has changed and many marketing experts now say having an authentic voice is by far the most important thing to remember when creating your posts.

All social media is promotion, in one form or another. Whether it’s a vlog of an event you’re attending, details of your latest offer, or sharing an image of a delicious business lunch you’ve had – there are so many different ways to engage with your audience.

Personal posts create a higher engagement rate

The trend has become that posts with a personal edge create a higher engagement rate. Audiences enjoy the authenticity of sharing the challenges, especially since March 2020 when many businesses didn’t know how things were going to progress.

The posts which promote your business activity may not receive the same attention, but rest assured they are being seen.

Consistency is key

Consistency is also key. The algorithms of the various social platforms like regular content, but also you need to engage with the posts of others. Don’t just be a taker, you need to give attention to others as well.

To sum up, every business requires a bespoke strategy and different goals set. This happens through mapping out future plans, testing responses, and defining your brand.

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