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Paul Cherpeau on End of Plan B Restrictions

Paul Cherpeau, Chief Executive of Liverpool Chamber responds to the news of the end of Plan B restrictions in England.

Paul Cherpeau, chief executive of Liverpool Chamber, said:

“The government’s decision to remove the work from home guidance will be welcomed warmly by businesses, particularly those in city and town centre locations which rely on the footfall created by office staff and passing trade.

“Understandably, many firms will remain cautious about exactly when their teams return to workspaces as Omicron infections continue to surge and impact on staff absences, but at least they can now begin to look ahead.

“The introduction of Plan B restrictions dented confidence and created confusion among businesses and their customers, without a timely package of support measures to help those worst-affected, such as hospitality and leisure.

“Moving forward, it’s important that the government now sets out a coherent strategy of proportionate and targeted support should another wave of Covid-19 require further restrictions to be imposed.

“If the city region economy is to move forward, businesses cannot be expected to make long-term growth plans in an environment of short-term shocks without certainty of protection. We look forward to seeing real progress on issues such as skills training, developing our export base and creating a platform for levelling-up across our regional economies.”