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Smart Metering Implementation (SMIP) For Dummies 2nd Edition

The 2nd CGI Special Edition of the Smart Metering Implementation Programme For Dummies is your essential pocket guide to this government-driven programme that will see 53 million gas and electricity smart meters installed in more than 30 million premises across Great Britain.

Authored by CGI smart metering expert Chris Beard, this guide makes a ludicrous but entertaining attempt to summarise the key features of the programme, including the stakeholders, devices, infrastructure, documentation and the fiendishly complicated security model that underpins the largest GB retail utility change programme to date.

Read the book and:

  • Identify who’s who in the SMIP
  • Differentiate between an HCALCS and an ALCS
  • Know what industry documentation is worth reading
  • Discover how to become a DCC user
  • Find out what smart meters are being used for
  • Look at what the future holds

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