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Liverpool Philharmonic and LIMF Academy Support Musical Ambitions of City’s Young People

  • Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Session Orchestra makes its debut performance at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Sunday 20 February

  • Concert features four LIMF Academy artists performing new arrangements of their original songs.

  • Concert follows Liverpool Philharmonic’s annual Music Industry Careers Fest

Liverpool Philharmonic’s new Youth Session Orchestra will make its debut at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Sunday 20 February in collaboration with LIMF Academy.

The Orchestra is made up of jazz and pop musicians aged between 13-21, who are passionate about playing a range of music genres.

They will join four LIMF Academy artists on stage to showcase a range of new music, written by LIMF Academy artists and orchestrated by award winning composer, conductor and arranger Katie Chatburn, who will conduct the concert.

Jazmine Johnson, whose original music will be performed at the concert, said:

“I’ve had this amazing opportunity given to me due to me being on the LIMF Academy cohort last year. Yaw [Owusu, Programme Director for LIMF Academy] asked me to get involved and I was so excited because I’ve seen how amazingly the orchestra adapted to previous artists’ work and I always wished I got the same opportunity to work with the orchestra, so I am truly grateful.

“I haven’t heard what the musicians have done with my songs yet but I’ve been counting down the days to rehearsal. I’m so intrigued to hear what the tracks sound like with them! It’s not every day you get to perform with the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Session Orchestra in one of the city’s most amazing venues!

“I know the other artists who are performing this year too, and I’m really looking forward to hearing their sets, as they’re all so different so it will be interesting to see what the orchestra has in store for their songs too. They’re all exceptional artists and I feel lucky to be sharing the stage with them.”

Amy, a Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Session Orchestra member, said:

“After the pandemic, playing with the orchestra feels like I can go back to normal really. It feels so good to have a part in something big. I’m excited to hear how we sound on the main stage. My friends and teachers who have helped me are coming to watch the show, it will be great to share the final product with an audience at the Philharmonic.”

Katie Chatburn said:

“I’m very excited to be directing the newly formed orchestra for its first concert. The concert is a unique coming together of young musicians from across Liverpool. The music is varied and presents a lot of challenge to the young orchestral players but they have really enjoyed working with original artists from a range of styles and backgrounds.

“I’ve been really impressed with how over only five rehearsals the sound has started to develop – and I am excited for the future possibilities of this group!”

Music Industry Careers Fest

Liverpool Philharmonic’s Music Industry Careers Fest, held in partnership with LIMF Academy, will be held earlier in the day. The Careers Fest offers a chance for young people with an interest in a career in music to hear from leading music industry professionals during interactive and informative sessions.

The focus of this year’s Careers Fest will centre on recovery and next steps for the UK music scene, aiming to break down preconceptions of the music industry through inspirational collaboration, keeping diversity at the centre of the conversation.

The day will feature speakers from:

  • LIMF Academy
  • Meta (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Ivors Academy
  • 3 Beat
  • PRS For Music
  • Liverpool Philharmonic
  • Help Musicians UK
  • …and many more!

The day will include a performance from Cures and Curses, the musical project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Aaron Akpojaro.

Peter Garden, Executive Director – Performance and Learning at Liverpool Philharmonic, said:

“We’re proud to once again be partnering with LIMF Academy to create opportunities for young people to discover what a career in the music industry is all about, receiving advice and guidance from leading local and national industry figures.

“This will be rounded off with Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Session Orchestra taking to the stage for their first performance in the main auditorium at the Hall alongside LIMF Academy artists. This is a great example of how the City’s music institutions can work together to enable collaboration between local young musicians and provide inspirational opportunities supporting their creative development. It is sure to be a celebratory event and we are grateful to Yaw, his team and all the young artists at LIMF Academy for their contribution.”

Yaw Owusu, Programme Director for LIMF Academy, said:

“We are really excited to continue our work with Liverpool Philharmonic on their 2022 Careers Day programme. It is equally important to us that young emerging talent are supported both with their creative and career development and are given impactful opportunities for both – especially now considering how the challenges over the past two years presented by the pandemic have impacted them.

“Working with the amazing team at the Youth Company to present a well-rounded programme, as well as a fantastic line up for the concert, has been a wonderful experience and we look forward to contributing to the continued development of some of these exceptional new music creators and musicians.”

Tickets for Careers Fest cost £5 and tickets for the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Company and LIMF Academy concert cost £15. Tickets to attend both events can be purchased together for £18. Please visit our website for further information on this offer.

For more information about the Music Industry Careers Fest, please visit:

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