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NexusProtect is now providing Data Protraction Services to over 100 schools across the Northwest!

With the recent win of the Wade Deacon Trust Data Protection / Data Protection Officer services contract this has taken the total of schools using the NexusProtect services to over 100 schools across the Northwest.

Nick Holden, Managing Director commented:

‘We have had a great deal of success with our provide ‘face to face’ approach with our clients. With the recent addition of the GDPRiS technical solution it now means we can provide a much broader and more focused approach to protecting the school’s data.’

‘We are looking forward to working with the Wade Deacon Trust with its ongoing development and maturity of its data protection approach.’

In addition to data protection services, NexusProtect also has the ability to provide additional services from all aspects of security management,

risk management to business continuity and with its service partners this will start to include IT, HR as well as Health & Safety services in 2022.

Nick Holden continues:

‘We have the ability to provide not just our schools but all our clients a full services approach from operational delivery to strategic development. The NexusProtect team and its associates all have local, regional, national and international experience from large corporations to niche start-ups. This experience can only but benefit our clients’.

2022 is already looking like a busy year for NexusProtect with a solid pipeline of new business.