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Team Wild Thang Chasing The Stigma!

Wild Thangs senior team took part in the Ambassador of Hope plus training with Chasing the Stigma who are a national mental health charity that is committed to normalising mental health. We know the importance of raising awareness around mental health and wellbeing so our senior team is now better equipped and more confident than ever to support our wider team in the best possible way.


Wild Thang managing director Andrew Dwerryhouse commented:

“We know over he last few years it has been super tough for our team and their families dealing with all the pandemic challenges, but we also know that everyone will be touched by mental health concerns in their lifetime at some point. I have personally been through some very low times and seen first-hand how difficult it can be dealing with these issues both in business and personally.”

“So we decided as a company that there was never a better time to embrace and to try our best to normalise the mental health conversations within Wild Thang. It’s great to be able to support a charity that is doing some amazing work in this area but just as importantly to get the in-depth training that would make a positive impact for the long term.”

“I have met the founder of the charity Jake Mills and his story is an inspiration, it really gives hope to anyone suffering from mental health issues that there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how low someone maybe feeling. Always remember there are people that can help and support you which can be signposted through the fantastic Hub of Hope database.”

“We are really proud of how our senior team embraced the training in an open and honest way, talking about their own personal or families challenges. The Ambassador of Hope training plus we received from Chasing the Stigma was fantastic, big thanks to the trainer who delivered really insightful and in-depth helpful advice that really has given us the tools to be better equipped to support not only our wider team but also family and friends from a mental health and wellbeing perspective It really is the Wild Thang Way.”