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Women in Maritime

On Thursday 27th January, I attended the ‘Women in Maritime’ networking session hosted by Maritime UK with some apprehension.

My only connection to the world of Maritime is through the amazing subject specialists I have been working with to develop Open Awards’ newest (and most exciting) Access to HE Diploma, ‘Business Management in Maritime and Logistics’.

Whilst I know Access to HE and qualifications like the back of my hand; it’s the subject specialists who are the Maritime and Logistics experts and their support whilst we have been developing our qualification has been invaluable!

As the event began, I was a little nervous in case there was a knowledge quiz involved but I shouldn’t have been so worried! From the moment I logged on, the friendly, smiling faces of these amazing women working in the Maritime sector, put me at ease.

The session had a set agenda with multiple topics to be covered such as Pledges, Sub-Working groups and the promotion of women’s opportunities in Maritime. We had speakers from all over the world including Australia and Sweden and discussed various issues specific to women including the menopause!

It was an open and interactive session and a great opportunity to meet new and exciting people who were looking to support women in the worlds of business and Maritime.

There were 81 people in attendance which shows how valued the topic is to so many out there and how much of a ground-breaking venture Maritime UK are making in promoting Women In Maritime and the opportunities for women in this field.

By all working together, we hope to encourage more women to explore our Maritime qualifications along with the fantastic progression routes and careers paths they could potentially open up.

The Open Awards Access to HE Diploma in Business Management in Maritime and Logistics is shipshape, fully approved and will set sail in September 2022. If you are interested delivering this qualification, please get in touch with me by email and I’d be delighted to discuss this with you in more detail over a coffee (virtual or real – who knows)!