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Liverpool Law Society Statement on Ukraine

The Liverpool Law Society President, Steven Zdolyny, said:

“Liverpool Law Society stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian National Bar Association and the Ukrainian Bar Association. We also stand with the people of the world, who oppose the Russian government’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, in particular, the Russian people and lawyers who are defending the rule of law in the region.

“We condemn the actions of the Russian Federation, which are in contravention of international law. There is no doubt that these actions are a direct threat to the rule of law.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to all those affected by this humanitarian tragedy. As a descendant from Ukraine myself, with lots of extended family still living in Ukraine, I am acutely
aware of the human suffering caused by this illegal invasion.”

“Any of our members affected can seek support from LawCare, which offers free, confidential, emotional support to anyone working in the law.”

“Anyone seeking legal support, for example in respect of the UK entry requirements for refugees affected by this crisis, may find details of local firms who may be able to assist on our website: Find a Lawyer | Liverpool Law Society”

“Anyone who is looking to help refugees affected by this crisis with food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection, can donate via The Disasters Emergency Committee or the Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal organised by the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain: Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | Disasters Emergency Committee ( Fundraiser for Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB) by Anna Dezyk : Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal (”