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Bank holiday at Liverpool waterfront

The long weekend is full of treats at Maritime Museum and Museum of Liverpool

Make the most of your bank holiday weekend with a trip to Liverpool’s waterfront where the Maritime Museum is marking 110 years since the tragic sinking of Titanic and Museum of Liverpool is exploring its amazing transport and industry collection.

More than a century after the world-famous ship sank, Titanic continues to fascinate. The Maritime Museum will bring the stories of the ship and its passengers to life, with role-players, object handling and storytelling sessions.

Three floors of amazing displays, exhibitions and interactives explore 10,000 years of Liverpool’s history, culture and character at Museum of Liverpool. Don’t miss the recently opened Wondrous Place gallery and see what makes Liverpool’s music, performance and sports famous around the world.

Maritime Museum

Tall Tales of a Titanic Survivor
16 & 17 April, 11-3.30pm
The story of Titanic survivor, Charles Joughin, who worked as Chief Baker on board the ill-fated liner. He can tell a tale or two but do you believe him?

Titanic – Fashions and Fortunes
15 & 16 April, 11-4pm
An interesting look at the personal stories of those aboard Titanic. Learn about the clothes they would have worn and the objects that were important to them.

Titanic – the night the lights went out
15 & 16 April, 11.30-12, 1.30-2, 2.30-3, 3.30-4pm
Meet our fictional first-class passenger Emily Broughton Williams, who made the fateful maiden voyage of Titanic. Hear her fascinating account of life on board and the horrors of the sinking.

Titanic – midnight heroes
16 April, 2-3.30
Join David Kaplan as shares the stories of the eight young band members on Titanic who played to the end. A comprehensive story of these true heroes is rare. A photo biography of each musician and the legacies that each left behind, creates a captivating

Museum of Liverpool

Transport Craft at the Museum
15 April, 11–4pm
Be inspired by the museum’s collection of land transport and create your own replica to take home.

Little Liverpool
Daily, Varied times
Our Little Liverpool gallery is crammed with fun activities for children. It is the perfect place to introduce little ones to the stories and collections on display in the rest of the museum.

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