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Guidance for charities responding to the Ukraine humanitarian Crisis

In light of the situation in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that has unfolded, many charities have launched appeals and/or raising funds in response to the crisis.

The situation is changing rapidly, and it can pose complexities.

What should you consider when launching an appeal or raising funds for the crisis?

You should first consider whether your charitable objects allow you to support the cause at this time, as set out in your governing document.

If your existing objects do not allow you to help, you may be able to amend the document to change this.

You should consider whether the wider and longer-term impact of this, including on your existing beneficiaries, and whether it is in the best interest of your charity.

If you receive a sudden significant increase in funding to help with the response to the crisis in Ukraine, you should assess the risks of dealing with the extra income.

While this should allow you to make a bigger difference for your beneficiaries, you may need to recruit additional expertise or resource and should also consider whether your reporting requirements might change.

Will extra due diligence be required on new partners?

If you will be working with any new partners, remember that Trustees must carry out appropriate and proper due diligence on individuals and organisations that the charity gives grants to, or uses to help deliver its work.

The same applies to any donors and all UK entities, including charities, must comply with the UK financial sanctions therefore it is important that charities take appropriate action to ensure they know their donors.

Where can I find more information?

The Charity Commission are there to provide further advice to Charities to support such a vital role and to make the biggest impact possible.