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Liverpool Facilities Management Firm Focus on Helping Businesses Reach Net Zero

Technical services company Avrenim, based in Liverpool, has announced the launch of a new brand refresh as the company changes its customer-focused approach to align more with the net zero agenda.

Founded in 2018, Avrenim offers a wide range of technical services that cover RIBA stages 0-7. The RIBA stages include technical feasibility and design, delivery, commissioning, and operation, including maintenance of buildings and associated systems. Avrenim has over 100 employees and has previously completed projects for the likes of NHS Trusts, local authorities and large national construction and services firms.

At the end of last year, the UK government announced ambitious plans to decarbonise the country’s power system by 2035, bringing forward its previous target of 2050 by 15 years. This update has led to a surge in demand for low carbon and renewable energy services, as many companies prioritise building and maintaining greener and more sustainable businesses.

Sustainability is higher on the agenda than ever, with unprecedented levels of interest in electric vehicles, conversions of natural gas-fuelled boilers to heat pumps, solar panel installation and wind turbines with battery energy storage.

A recent McKinsey report found that reaching net zero by 2050 could result in a 60 per cent increase in capital spending on physical assets, compared with current levels. Avrenim is positioning itself to support this growth area, facilitating effective,

strategically-aligned capital investment, providing design expertise, and ultimately delivering and operating low carbon technologies and systems.

Simon Harris, CEO at Avrenim, said:

“We could see the market becoming more interested in energy efficient, low carbon and renewable solutions.

“Following COP26 last year, and the UK government’s drive to achieving net zero carbon emissions within everyday life, we took a strategic view on our direction. We concluded that we were best placed to support customers in transitioning to net zero – whether that’s through our specialist low carbon design house, maintenance activities, asset lifecycle or building refurbishment works.

“We have invested heavily in expanding our design team to allow us to offer this to our customers. The new brand was created to make a clear statement that we are staying ahead of the market when it comes to strategically reducing carbon emissions for our customers.”

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