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Survey launched to develop Liverpool tech ‘Start-up City’ manifesto – your chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher

Chamber member Jonny Clark, is a young entrepreneur and investor who advocates for and represents Liverpool’s growing tech start-up community. He has already placed the city on the radar as part of the Silicon Valley start-up scene, leading the Liverpool chapter of global ‘Start-up Grind’ community. This is a like-minded gathering of tech startups and entrepreneurs who gather monthly in Chapters of Us to share knowledge and ideas over pizza and beers.

With a network of more than 120 entrepreneurs already part of the community, Jonny has launched a survey to canvas views for taking the start-up community infrastructure to the next level, in order to make Liverpool the number one “Start-up City” destination in the UK. By harnessing these insights, Jonny will develop a manifesto to take to city leaders to prioritise next steps on growing the start-up community strategically.

Jonny is looking for Liverpool startups to complete a new survey, the results of which will become the first step towards developing a new manifesto to take to city leaders to prioritise the strategic growth of the start-up community.

Complete the survey here for a chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

Jonny says:

“Liverpool’s unique attributes as a business, cultural and tourism centre make it the perfect location to leverage new start-ups

and digital nomads to generate new ideas and perspectives in the local economic landscape.”

“The social and collaborative values of the growing tech start-up community provide an ideal ecosystem however we need to test this hypothesis further. By speaking to existing start-up founders to establish current infrastructure, for example, discovering how easy or hard has it been to start a business here and grow it successfully, will highlight gaps that block growth and identify how further investment can be targeted.”

“We know that start-ups and associated business survival rates have fluctuated in the city and in order to get the process right for tech start-ups to grow and compete globally as sustainable businesses or SMEs, there is no margin for error. There are fundamentals required to support founders. Timings-wise there is no better time to look at this, with hybrid and remote working, we can evolve a strategy that leads to a self-sustaining tech community based on a peer led manifesto. We should join-up innovation with opportunity in the area and this survey will provide that leap in thinking.”