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The Interior, New Exhibition at dot-art Gallery

29th July– 17th September: Ali Hunter & Lorna Morris

“The Interior” exhibition features two contrasting Liverpool artists; Ali Hunter with her inky and illustrative works on paper and Lorna Morris who creates immense realism in her tranquil oil paintings. Both artists, though different in style, do share one thing: their subject matter of “The Interior”. Highlighting sanctuaries, reading nooks and often overlooked spots in our own abodes, these art works celebrate the ordinary and moments of stillness in a room of one’s own.

Lincolnshire born Illustrator Ali Hunter now lives and works in Liverpool. Taking inspiration from fashion, interiors and home decor; Hunter’s work captures intimate spaces, fashionable characters and pets. Graduating from Manchester School of Art in Illustration, Ali Hunter uses pen and ink to create portraits and interior scenes.

Lorna Morris graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters Degree in Fine Art . She has exhibited solo and with fellow artists. Her work is in private collections in the USA, Canada, Germany and the UK. Interiors are for her places of retreat, solitude and silence. In her paintings she hopes to create shortcuts to tranquillity. Each painting represents weeks of stillness and solitude due to the nature of her slow, oil-painting technique. You can step into them at will or set aside a time each day to escape with your painting into distilled peace.

Morris says :

“With the outside world shut off in March 2020, I found myself in my studio with no distractions, free to create. I began painting the silent tranquil interiors of my home. By June I was longing to return to our art galleries and see again the brush strokes, decisions, colours and mystery of the masters.

More portraits have followed by studying the portrait painters of the past – particularly Sargent – striving to achieve that physical presence, seeing the layers of translucent and opaque colours, the spirit of the sitter and the moment of the paint being placed. I have been fulfilling my longing to see the art of centuries past by creating these pieces and I hope in turn they bring you that joy of living with real art in your own home.”

Ali’s interiors go between the home and local coffee shops, sleepy chic bars and highly fashionable flats, expanding more on who we are in the spaces we socialise in and relax in. With hints of fashion illustration Ali places characters and close friends in these settings, with their mood and clothing matching perfectly to their environment.

All artworks are for sale.

Join them for the Private View of the exhibition on Thursday 28th July from 5pm-7pm.

All welcome, but you must register here:

The dot-art Gallery can be found at 14 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool, L2 4TX (just 5 minutes’ walk from Liverpool One).

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-6pm
The exhibition runs 29th July – 17th September 2022.

Images can be found here