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Big Help Project welcomes Chataway as their Year partner for 2022

Chataway, the Liverpool based language training and translation provider, have pledged to make Big Help Project their Charity of the Year Partner 2022.

Chataway believe in the delivery of language lessons to suit a range of learning styles, the partnership between Chataway and Big Help Project comes at a difficult time when cost of living is at it’s highest, and needs for both services are rising.

Everyday of the week, Big Help Project work to make a difference by helping people to break the cycle of poverty and ensure nobody is left in crisis. With looming increases of household bills, and those fleeing their countries to escape war; partnerships that bridge the gap between poverty and language barriers are more crucial than ever.

Sandra Scott, Director and Course Leader at Chataway, said:

“We have been aware of the Big Help Project for some time, however when we went to visit the project and see some of the great work they are doing locally we knew we wanted to get involved.”

“We are delighted to support them in any way we can as our Charity of the Year 2022/2023.”

Michele Duckworth, Head of Corporate Engagement for Big Help Project, said:

 “We are delighted that the team at Chataway has chosen Big Help Project as their Charity of the Year Partner for 2022, we are looking forward to developing a strong working relationship. The need for our services has grown rapidly since the announcement and subsequent energy price increases, with many people having to choose between buying food, or paying their household bills. The partnership will help us to be able to continue meeting the needs of our community, and supporting those most affected by the cost of living crisis.”

For more information about what Big Help Project does in the community, and to find out more about the different ways to fundraise for the charity, visit: