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Liverpool Hope University’s Professor Stephen Davismoon is bringing a new immersive performance to the Liverpool Arts scene.

Set in Hamburg in the aftermath of 9/11, Professor Davismoon’s Chamber Opera A Most Wanted Man is based on the John Le Carré novel, and tells the tale of an innocent young man on the run from international security services wishing to prove his innocence, seek asylum and build a safe future, to heal others.

A Most Wanted Man Chamber Opera
St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, Liverpool
23rd/24th/25th August 2022, 8pm
Tickets: £10
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He seeks out an idealistic young lawyer to assist him in his search for the one man that can save him. It is a story of innocence in the face of overwhelming state power and where individual life destinies are altered forever.

The mysterious intrigue of the narrative, through a variety of digital technologies, will immerse the audience in ways seldom experienced before.

Professor Davismoon is Dean of the School of Creative and Performing Arts at Liverpool Hope University, and this work is realised with support from the Arts Council of England, BBC R&D, and in partnership with Liverpool Hope University, Middle Tennessee State University, Heritage Opera and IMMIX Ensemble.

With a professional composition career spanning more than 30 years, Professor Davismoon has written music for a broad range of ensembles and situations – from solo pieces through to works for full orchestra, with and without voices.

He has worked with many notable musicians, institutions and festivals along the way including: 10/10 Ensemble, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Seal, Roberto Fabbriciani; Rohan de Saram; Die Neuevocalsolisten; Scottish Opera; Centro Tempo Reale; Das Experimentalstudio der Heinrich Strobel Stiftung.

A Most Wanted Man represents an exciting new departure for Professor Davismoon. Whilst he has composed many pieces for voices, experimented with electronic sound for many years, and has composed music and sound design for theatre projects – he has never had the opportunity before now to bring all of these strands of his work together. The production will utilise audio and visual technologies to immerse the audience in new and exciting ways.

Professor Davismoon hopes the surround sound and digital projections of A Most Wanted Man will make the audience feel very much part of the action – as singers, actors and musicians play out the tale of international state terror vs individual innocence.

A Most Wanted Man will be performed across three nights at St Luke’s Bombed Out Church, Liverpool from 23rd/24th/25th August 2022.

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