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LJMU Graduate Futures – Business Coach & Mentor Expression of Interest

LJMU Graduate Futures is a European Social Fund project delivered by Liverpool John Moores University.

As part of our individualised SME business support offer the Project is looking to outsource an element of this activity to a range of suitably qualified external business coaches and mentors. This will allow us to provide our SME clients with ad hoc one one-to-one coaching and mentoring, advice and guidance suited to their specific requirements.

The LJMU Graduate Futures project provides an interface between Liverpool John Moores University, our student and graduate talent, and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs residing within the Liverpool City Region).

For SMEs the project brings value in providing cost-effective support to develop graduate roles within their business. For our students and graduates the project expands the volume and range of professional-level employment opportunities open to them within the Liverpool City Region’s SME client-base.

Through this Expression of Interest, we are looking to establish a bank of between 3 to 5 business coaches and mentors, all located within the Liverpool City Region. Through a range of techniques and professional guidance they will be matched to our SME clients so that they might support them through a range of one-to-one interventions.

This in turn should have a positive impact upon our client’s their day-to-day business activities relating to the integration of an LJMU Graduate Futures student or graduate placement into their workplace.

Selection Criteria

Only qualified business coaches located within the Liverpool City Region are eligible to apply. The project is B2B-facing and successful submissions will provide evidence of previous B2B work undertaken including techniques adopted.

Successful submissions will also be required to recommend a series of techniques and/or methodologies suited to meeting a variety of business needs around workforce development.

Additional knowledge of any aspects that might support business growth will be welcomed. This could include such aspects as HR and employment law as an example.

For further information about LJMU Graduate Futures please visit

Timescale and Budget

Each submission must include an hourly rate + VAT as well as costings of any additional preparation time that might be charged to the Project. The period of coaching and mentoring support will be spread across various dates between October 2022 until October 2023.

It is envisaged that a business coach might offer support between 1 and 5 hours per week dependent on availability and client need, although, in agreement with the Coach, the Project retains the right to assign weekly hours that might be slightly more or less than this.

Coaching milestones can be agreed on a monthby-month basis with the Project Officer for SMEs liaising with the client. Some Coaches may be assigned more than one business to support dependent on experience and/or coaching specialism and client need. The successful Coaches will act as ‘critical friend’ to the Project team for the duration of this delivery period. Supported by the Project Administrator, it will be essential to maintain effective records for all work undertaken as a prerequisite of ESF procurement and compliance.

Expression of interest and Submission

Roles will be awarded to the submissions that can best demonstrate value for money against recommended tactical solutions for offering effective coaching and mentoring. LJMU will schedule in all coaching delivery and act as client liaison in facilitating this support.

Submissions to be emailed to Graduate Futures by midnight on Sunday 21st August 2020. Please direct any questions to this same address for the attention of
Shulah Jones, Project Manager.

The successful submissions should be awarded by Friday 26th August.