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Digital Skills for The Workplace – Access to Subsidised Skills Training

Is your organisation experiencing skills gaps?
Do you want to develop roles in your organisation to support business growth?
Do you want to recruit new talent to fill vacancies?

Digital Skills Bootcamps for the Workplace provides flexible hands-on courses of up to 16 weeks in duration, which are part of the Government Levelling Up and Lifetime Skills guarantee.

Skills Bootcamps will help employers play a leading role in skills systems by enabling them to fill skills gaps at a local level. The programme is funded by the Department for Education and development locally by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA), working closely with local employers.

Who can apply?

Employers who have:

  • A workplace in the City Region and
  • Existing employers who require upskilling to significantly develop their role responsibilities
  • Are looking to recruit new talent to fill skills gaps.
    What you’ll get

Opportunities to work with ourselves as an approved training provider with the LCRCA and input into the design and development of Skills Bootcamp training that specifically meets your industry needs.

Upskilling existing employee

  • 90% of the skills training funded for SMEs
  • 70% of the skills training funded for larger employers
  • existing employers who feel valued, with new skills to implement into your organisation

Looking to recruit new talent?

  • Access to new external candidates, freshly trained in the skills you require.

For more information call today 07515 555803