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Have you thought about how to manage your energy price increase?

You probably haven’t thought about anything else! I know I haven’t.

Lots of suppliers are not taking on any new customers, so the options are limited for anyone coming out of a contract.

With energy costs so volatile it can be difficult to obtain savings. Though, we do benchmark prices regularly to ensure value for money and can put together a strategy on energy to ride through these turbulent times.

The first step is doing everything you can to mitigate risk in the mid- to long-term (when contracts are due to expire). The biggest question at the moment is whether to go for fixed or flexible purchasing? Evaluate different approaches as part of your energy management strategy – we can help and support you with that.

Joining our energy basket could be one option, which may well drive down costs and has supply chain and social value benefits.
We can also support your energy strategy by being your single point of contact for market intelligence, contract management and customer services. We can arrange access to specially negotiated contracts not available to the wider market, and track contract renewals.

There’s no hidden commissions or charges, everything is transparent. We can also validate your bills (VAT, invoices, estimates checked) to ensure you are only paying for what your organisation uses.

Get in touch with 2buy2 for energy advice and support for quotes.