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HM Legal welcomes Elizabeth Hassall to the family team

When a relationship or marriage is breaking down specialist legal expertise is a given, isn’t it?

During such a stressful and emotional time, particularly if arrangements for children are in the picture or financial planning and business assets are to be sorted out, you need legal advice from someone you can also talk to, who will genuinely listen. Every person is unique. Every situation is different.

Elizabeth Hassall, one of the leading family lawyers in the region, understands this. This is one reason why HM Legal has welcomed Elizabeth into the family team as the Head of Family and Relationships. Clients recognise Elizabeth’s exceptional level of service and her attention to detail, which mirror the values HM Legal is well known for.

On joining HM Elizabeth says:

“I’m keen to help clients through difficult life changes involving marriage, relationship or civil partnership breakdown. In real life this can include navigating through no-fault divorce and alternatives to the strict court system (which is especially important at the moment). As an expert negotiator I prefer to have round table discussions and collaborative negotiations.

“My clients come from rural and urban settings reflecting distinct lifestyles.

“I help separating couples to unravel complicated trust and business structures.

“What about asset protection? I have helped clients who are getting married to consider the terms of a pre-nuptial agreement. Also, in terms of cohabitation agreements, I have drafted documents to protect parents who have invested in property for their child to live in with their partner. This kind of agreement might be needed to protect the parent’s investment if their child’s relationship breaks down.

“I genuinely like guiding clients as they navigate through tough times, bringing them closer to the life they have imagined and want to lead. My team is both empathetic and practical and can also help with pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements.

“HM Legal has strong values when it comes to looking after clients. HM is also progressive and has exciting plans to grow, and not for the sake of it which can be the case with some legal companies.”

For an initial conversation about your family or business situation, contact Elizabeth and team in complete confidence: