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Additional help with energy bills in Liverpool

Residents in Liverpool on means tested benefits who are in arrears with their energy supplier are being invited to apply for a discretionary scheme to help with their gas and electricity bills.

The government has given Liverpool City Council £1.6 million to make payments to eligible households as part of the Council Tax Energy Rebate.

The discretionary scheme is open to people in the following groups:

  • Households in any Council Tax band on means tested benefits in arrears with their energy supplier
  • Households in Council Tax bands E to H in receipt of Council Tax Support
  • Households in Council Tax bands F to H qualifying for the disabled reduction
  • Households in Council Tax bands E to H qualifying for Severe Mental Impairment Exemption
  • Households in Council Tax bands E to H qualifying for a Carers Discount

To apply, visit

The core Council Tax Energy Rebate scheme, for households in Band A-D properties, closed at the end of September, and saw payments of £150 made to 205,000 households in Liverpool.

Around 143,000 people had the money paid directly into their bank accounts. A further 51,000 did not apply and were among 61,000 households that had a £150 credit applied to their Council Tax account.

The government overestimated by 10,000 the number of households in Liverpool eligible to claim so, in common with other local authorities, the overpayment of £1.5 million is being returned because the Government won’t allow it to be used for other services.

Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Tackling Fairness and Poverty, Cllr Jane Corbett, said:

“These are incredibly difficult times for so many people across the country and especially here in Liverpool. We are determined to make sure those struggling to make ends meet get the additional support they need.

“This particular Government scheme is to help people on benefits who are have fallen behind with their gas and electricity bills, and for those who meet specific criteria but weren’t eligible for the Council Tax Energy Rebate the Government paid for earlier this year.

“We’re asking anyone on benefits who is behind on their energy bills to apply.”