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Congratulations to the founders of Paul’s Place!

The HELLO! Inspiration Awards welcomed a whole host of fabulous faces at a glittering ceremony hosted by Anita Rani on Tuesday.

One of the awards was the #HelloToKindness, which was voted for by HELLO! readers and was presented to the three founders of Paul’s Place.

Building on HELLO!’s successful campaign to make social media a kinder and gentler place, the #HelloToKindness award honours those who embody the spirit of compassion by spreading cheer in their community or offering support to those in need.

Liverpool-based trio Kath Devlin and Agnes and Joe Williams set up Paul’s Place, a free suicide bereavement service for the people of Merseyside, after Kath’s brother and Agnes and Joe’s son – both named Paul – took their lives 22 years apart.

Paul’s Place is a specialist bereavement counselling service, provided by the charity Beacon Counselling Trust. Many of their volunteers have themselves been bereaved by suicide and their dedicated commitment in wanting to give something back is truly admirable.

“The service they have built is more than a support group – it’s a candle in the dark when your light has gone out,” says their colleague Danika, who nominated them.

Speaking to HELLO! about their award, they said:

“This was born from personal tragedy, both families, and for the people that are left behind because there isn’t any help out there.

“We’ve got to strive, our mission is to get a Paul’s Place in every city. Suicide affects everybody, not just the poor or rich, the people left behind need help.”