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Crucial support extended to people in work to help address cost of living crisis

An exclusive package of support is being made available to working people in Liverpool for the first time, to address the impact of the cost of living crisis.

Transform Lives Company (TLC) have received new funding from the NHS via the Life Rooms to extend their employment and wellbeing support measures to people who are currently in work, but struggling to make ends meet due to rising living costs.

Previously, this kind of support has only been offered to people who are unemployed, but with increasing concern among people in work, particularly minimum wage or insecure work, the impact of the cost of living crisis is a very worrying reality for everyone, both in and out of work.

People in lower income households will be hardest hit as wages fail to keep pace with the rising cost of rent, bills, fuel and food, ‘real’ disposable income is rapidly decreasing and threatens to plunge a record number of people into in-work poverty.

Figures have shown that fifth of people in low-paid work are three times more likely to experience a negative impact on their mental health than people on higher wages – a figure that will only be further exacerbated as people’s money is expected to stretch even further. Turning to their GP or other health professionals for support now means people could get help from TLC.

TLC pride themselves on doing things differently, putting people at the heart of what they do. They have a proven track record of helping people improve their employment opportunities, focus on their wellbeing and develop their skills; since setting up in 2013, they have gone on to help over 700 people who would have typically fallen through the gaps of mainstream support, empowering them to make sustainable, positive changes to their futures.

Thanks to funding from the NHS via the Life Rooms, TLC will be able to offer this tailored guidance to people in a variety of circumstances, such as people in low-paid work who want better job security, parents who are struggling to make ends meet, those who are feeling the pinch despite working multiple jobs, people at risk of redundancy and many more.

The programme will offer helpful and realistic information as well as practical support. From access to experts on energy efficiency, to exploring options to finding better paid work, options to increase hours of work, checking if their benefit entitlement checks are up to date, understanding the impact on their mental health, offering referrals to expert support including counselling, financial aid and workers’ rights.

Lauren Bailey Rhodes, Operations Director at TLC, says:

‘We’re so pleased with this unique commission from the NHS via the Life Rooms to support people who are in work and struggling.

‘We’re seeing daily that the financial crisis is pushing people into in-work poverty; finding that ends no longer meet to the point of not having the money to fuel their car to get to work is a reality for some people right now. By collaborating with health services now means we can be here for more people.

‘We know none of this is anyone’s’ fault, no one in work expects to need this kind of support, people are rightly very worried and thanks to the Life Rooms, TLC will be here to help people work through their options with the right support.’

Michael Crilly, Mersey Care’s Director of Social Inclusion and Participation, said:

‘We are so lucky to have such a diverse and vibrant voluntary sector in our City. The sector played a vital role in supporting our communities during the pandemic.

‘As we work towards recovery from Covid and through the cost of living crisis, we are proud to commission Transform Lives Company who are seeking to support our communities’ wellbeing through innovative activity and meaningful partnerships, helping them to gain or remain in paid employment.’

This support is free to access for anyone who is feeling the impact of the rising costs; even if you have never had to ask for help before, these are unprecedented times, and TLC are here to help.

Get in touch with our team for an informal chat on 07748 817260 or