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Sean Keyes, MD of civil and structural engineering firm Sutcliffe, reacts to Jeremy Hunt’s announcement

Sean Keyes, Managing Director, Sutcliffe:

“The instability of the country is helping nobody whatsoever and I believe that the plans from the previous budget simply weren’t fully thought through, which is incredible for a country of our size and standing.

“High corporation tax rates will slow growth down across the board and although I appreciate everything must be paid for in the long-run, this will simply halt the economy. A greater growth with a great ability for more people to pay taxes creates more wealth across the board and that is what I had originally hoped for!

“High level tax reductions are understandable and in terms of the energy price support not changing until April, we must all cut back on our usage until these prices eventually level out. If a company pays more tax, then that will effect everyone down the chain in a business and that is very disappointing for me, as a business owner myself.

“The stamp duty reduction will encourage more people to buy and sell their homes which will directly impact the economy in a positive way and across this will create wealth and growth across the board.”