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Sustainable Energy First Announce Partnership with Liverpool Chamber

Sustainable Energy First,, are market leaders in energy and carbon management and trading, assured environmental compliance, and sustainability solutions to our suite of members to make tomorrow’s world better for everyone.

Energy is one of the biggest operational costs for businesses. The uncertain nature of the energy market and its everchanging landscape means energy prices fluctuate daily – but they can be managed and aligned.

Sustainable Energy First maximise the performance of
your energy portfolio, providing a full energy and utility end-to-end account management service which unlocking sustainability opportunities, making Sustainable Energy First your sustainable partner of choice.

Bureau Team: Peace of utility billing management and accuracy with over 100 checks through in house, industry-leading software, validate, optimise, report, and forecast; giving you peace of mind that your utility bills are true bills, and you’re reporting on the right energy consumption use. Sustainable Energy First process over 1 million utility bills annually, and accurate forecast (some to 0.03-0.2%).

Energy and Carbon Trading Team: A range of renewable energy and carbon trading solutions from energy consortiums to a fully bespoke risk management strategy, they’ve got the right solution for your business. Last year, the team managed the procurement of
enough energy to power all 27 million homes in the UK for a day.

Revenue Recovery Team: Utility bills can be a source of complexity and unnecessary overspend. Sustainable Energy First perform an independent billing health check to recover monies lost due to incorrect billing on electricity, gas, telecommunications and water. They
negotiate with your utility suppliers to recover any costs from overpayments and correct any false or inaccurate information to help prevent future billing errors. Their team has recovered over £45 million in lost revenue for clients in a ten-year period.

Sustainability Projects: Sustainable Energy First’s turn raw data into enriched data-backed insights to sustainable and tangible opportunities to reduce carbon, optimise energy consumption and manage future energy costs.

Siteworks Team: Sustainable Energy First project manage all your gas, electric and water metering needs, ensuring that all parties involved are instructed and coordinated with the aim to providing a high level of service.

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