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Tap and Go onboard Arriva in the Liverpool City Region from 30th October 2022

Arriva to launch Tap and Go contactless payment scheme in the Liverpool City Region – giving customers a new quick and easy way to pay for bus travel at the best price.

Arriva bus passengers in the Liverpool City Region will benefit from the Tap and Go scheme, which enables adult passengers to track their spending through contactless payments and ensures daily and weekly fare capping, ensuring they always get the best value ticket and will never pay more than is necessary for their bus journeys.

The idea is simple – tap on using a credit or debit card or with Google Pay or Apple Pay on your driver’s ticket machine when you board your bus. We’ll then track how
many journeys you make that day or week and cap your fare at the best value ticket for your journeys: £2 Single, £4.60 unlimited journeys in a day or £17 for unlimited
journeys in the week.

Customers can travel freely and can rest assured they will be capped at the best price for the journeys that they make. They’ll also notice a faster, smoother, and more convenient boarding and payment experience by utilising tap and go!

If customers make several trips in one day, their fare will be capped at the daily adult ticket price; and those who travel several days per week pay a fare capped at the adult weekly ticket price. The technology for the system has been developed by payment service provider Littlepay and ticketing technology specialist Ticketer.

Ticketer provides the on-vehicle ticketing equipment that captures the contactless card or mobile wallet taps and calculates and delivers the journey value to Littlepay; while Littlepay’s back-office monitors taps and applies fare caps.

Removing the need to state your required ticket and pay as you board will significantly reduce boarding times for customers, ensuring that buses leave stops on time and maintain punctuality. Just remember to say hello to the driver as you board! Full details can be found at

Richard Hoare, Commercial Director at Arriva, said;

“The Tap and Go scheme makes bus journeys simpler, ensuring our customers have the confidence that they will never pay more than is necessary, as the automatic price capping will set the maximum fare for the day or week, no matter how many buses they board.

“The arrival of Tap and Go across the Liverpool City  Region, through Arriva, further supports recent positive changes for bus journeys across the region, which have
included the £2 flat fare and a simplified LCR network zone. We’re proud to serve our customers and communities across the region, continuously seeking ways to improve the Arriva bus journey experience”

Sheryll Ricketts, Solutions Consultancy Lead at Littlepay, said;

“Passenger experience is the cornerstone of public transport services. We’re pleased to see our technology making it easy for passengers to pay for travel and get the best value for money. We see this as a strong incentive to use bus services more often.”