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Top tips to help your business use less energy this Autumn

With energy bills in the news, businesses of all sizes are keeping a close eye on how much they’re using day to day.

We know that small business owners are working flat out to keep their business running and might not think they have the time – or brain space – to start thinking about this. However, there are some simple hacks out there which can help businesses limit their energy usage.

For instance, did you know that in a single three bedroom house, turning the thermostat down by one degree can save 10% annually, according to the Energy Saving Trust (citation) So, imagine what dialing down the temperature by one degree in your offices could do for your business.

Here are five more simple and effective ways for SMEs to reduce their energy consumption this autumn:

  • Let’s start with a straightforward one! Don’t forget to switch off electrical equipment overnight
  • Identify and defeat draughts and install wall insulation to stop heat disappearing
  • Keep radiators, heaters and air vents clean to help them work more efficiently
  • Make sure your thermostat is working correctly to make sure your boiler isn’t generating more heat than it needs to
  • And consider a smart meter, which could help your business avoid spending more on energy than it needs to, by providing insights on how you’re using it

Smart meters offer SMEs a range of benefits which could come in helpful at the moment.

They could help make your budgeting and forecasting more accurate as you only get a bill for what you’ve used, and they could give you valuable insights into how your business uses energy, day, and night. Plus, they automatically send readings to your energy supplier – so you shouldn’t have to.

Firms with 10 employees or less could be eligible for a smart meter. To find out more please click here. You can also contact your energy supplier or broker.