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Are you developing a new product or service?

Our Innovation Accelerator programme helps businesses develop, test, and refine products and services. We can link you up with university expertise and facilities across any of the three Clean Growth UK university hubs to help accelerate your innovation journey.

Tackling the climate crisis demands disruptive thinking and decisive action.

Our Innovation Accelerator is designed to help you design, develop, and refine innovative green products, services, and business processes.

It’s an integral part of our Net Zero 360 package, providing the expertise, equipment and facilities needed to transform products, services and processes for net-zero.

Embedded in three universities, we’ll help you access academic expertise, labs, and technical equipment, enhancing your capability to:

  • Design and develop new ideas
  • Test and refine products or services
  • Validate product performance
  • Identify the most effective carbon cutting technologies and process improvements for your business
  • Fund your innovation mission with grant funding, including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Innovate UK and ERDF.
  • Taking ideas to market

Alongside Innovation Accelerator support, our Clean Growth Fast Track programme provides commercial support to get your innovative ideas to market faster. We’ve also got a members’ portal full of helpful downloads, tips and videos on funding, IP, strategy, marketing and investment.

We connected Love Lane Brewing with academic expertise at Liverpool John Moores University to explore more sustainable ways of dealing with the waste created by their brewing process.

Paul Seiffert, Higsons Operations Director, Love Lane Brewing:

“This applied research has been vital for us because if we did not receive this support we would simply be guessing and we would not invest on that basis. It is interesting to see where this goes.”