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Bakare Barley Introduces New Venture ‘Notes for Inclusion’

Established by a mixed-race female Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Practitioner, Bakare Barley Limited has launched ‘Notes for Inclusion,’ a stationery brand for the promotion of socially conscious society; introduces two inaugural products, ‘The Inclusive Leadership Journal’ and ‘Diversity Calendar 2023.’

Bakare Barley has introduced their new stationery venture, ‘Notes For Inclusion,‘ at the launch of which they are providing free ‘Diversity Calendar 2023’ for everyone interested in improving inclusion, diversity and acceptance in the workplace. The inaugural product of the new stationery brand is ‘Inclusive Leadership Journal,’ the signature product of a books line which also includes various notebooks.

‘The Inclusive Leadership Journal’ comes with an introductory unique visioning exercise and advice on utilising the journal in the most efficient and effective way. It contains guideline on how to review your interactions with others and record what discoveries you make about yourself. Each week has been assigned three pages that cater to your daily goals, delineating the areas requiring extra hard work and areas where you can challenge yourself to do things differently, developing your allyship and advocacy skills. Starting from goal setting to finishing up on goal review, the journal acts as a guiding path for self-growth, developing, and advancing toward being socially conscious. The top cover is made using soft touch lamination and premium quality paper; this A5 Wiro bound book is much more than an average journal.

Other products in book line include ‘Gifted Black Woman Notebook,’ ‘Diverse Women Notebook,’ Always Growing Notebook,‘ ‘Hello Beautiful Notebook,’ and ‘My Little Book of Notes Notebook,‘ all of which have been created after an extensive thought process of creating notebooks which promote inclusivity, diversity, acceptance, and civility. Towards an integrated society, ‘Notes for Inclusion’ aims to make workplaces more welcoming to people of all ethnicities, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, and cultures, creating a safe space for everyone.

The complimentary ‘Diversity Calendar 2023‘ has all special dates of different culturally important days, promoting the behavior of celebrating all occasions and understanding unique historical struggles. and knowing about people in our proximity a little better. Sign up for a free calendar here.

Bakare Barley Limited is owned by a mixed-race female EDI Practitioner, Ayo Barley, who established a company that offers advisory and support services to workplaces in improving Equity/Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and integrating improvements into standard operating procedures. They recently launched an ‘Inclusion Exchange Program,’ a series of video podcasts and webinars which brings together EDI experts to share insights, and highlights all the prevalent issues persisting in workplaces. She shared:

‘Notes For Inclusion’ is a progressive step towards our aims and objectives, which all revolve around a well-integrated society where the individuality of every person is valued and respected’ Organisations that are embedding EDI principles have prospered, and are growing exponentially based on a strong values base. The journal has been designed to help people make progress on a personal and profession level. Get your hands on one and let me know what you think of it!’

For more details and information, visit their website. To place an order or for further inquiries, contact them at Contact | Bakare Barley.