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Eat, Sleep, Process, Repeat…

Lots of the businesses operate based on processes that are repeated over and over again.

In most cases it’s humans that are doing that repetitive work.

At Mashbo we help our clients develop and automate these processes, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and giving employees more time to focus on customer care, client engagement and all the ‘human’ elements of business.

We also help to improve accuracy, using automated systems and processes to manage data, avoiding the human errors that can so easily screw up a spreadsheet and its carefully-created formulas.

Our recent work has involved financial management systems, coordinating data access and recording user interactions in classrooms and remote education.

Top signs that you need to automate your process with a cloud-based software system

Consider the following three problems. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • Death by spreadsheet
  • Data added into the wrong cells
  • Doing the same task over and over again

Is it all a bit…


If you would like to get off the admin treadmill and empower your team to have more time to develop and grow your business, get in touch to see if you can save time by automating your processes.

Let’s start a conversation – email us on or call 0151 708 1924 to plan your freedom.